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Eva Wulf, Schlehenweg 7, 76149 Karlsruhe, Germany („Gaudor“ , „we“ or „us“) takes the protection of your personal information seriously. The following privacy policy will provide you with information about the personal information that is collected and how it is processed and used.
1. Subject matter of this privacy policy
This privacy policy applies to all games and game services (such as websites) offered by Gaudor („Games“).
The data protection notices and conditions of the specific app store or other platform or social networks on which you play our games or the providers of services integrated in the games and websites (such as Facebook and the ‘Like’ Button) also apply. Gaudor cannot change the privacy policy conditions of these third parties. By the way: you can restrict the collection of personal data directly with Google, Apple and Facebook.
2. What happens with my data? And why?
We do not sell your personal data to third parties.
We want you to have the best experience with our Games and make the most of our services and adapt ads to your interests. That’s why we collect personal data every time you access the Games and our websites, but in any case only after your explicit consent.
We collect, save and use the following data:
-data on the communication and your usage such as IP address, time of access and history of the visit. So we can for example repel attacks better, improve the performance and find bugs.
-personal data you give us or approve our use of or data we get from social networks, if you are registered there. Examples for this kind of data: your name, your eMail-address, your region/address, your age, your interests. We use this data to analyze and improve the Games and our services and to show you more suitable ads than the normal ads.
-we place cookies on your device, if you permit us and your browser to do so. With cookies browsing is more comfortable for you and we can improve the websites.
-in game we use device IDs, your user name and we place special IDs to recognize you.
-data about your purchased Virtual Items (=> cf. Terms of Service).
-your game data (e.g. player name, scores, your communication inside the Games) can be used and communicated to others (e.g. your friends or for high score lists).
-we can get further information on you by third parties to complement, correct or update our data.
3. How secure is my data?
We appropriately secure your data, for example with passwords, encryption and firewalls.
Give your Login-Data to nobody and choose a secure password. One method to get a secure password is to think of a meaningful sentence for you and take the first letter or a similar number of each word. Example with the sentence: „We love games by Gaudor.“  Passwort: Wl5bG.
We can use service providers to help us. But the use of your data will be in our responsibility at all times.
4. I want to know more or I don’t want to provide you with my data any more
You can view your game data (e.g. player name, score, virtual items) in the game. We will provide you with information on any other personal data free of charge if requested (=> contact). Before giving any information, we may ask for a proof of your identity, because we do not want to give your data to any other person claiming to be you.
You can unsubscribe to email advertising or newsletters at any time. Simply click on the provided link in the eMail and  specify your preferred settings.
You can disable cookies in your browser.
You can restrict the collection of personal data directly with Google, Apple and Facebook.
If you have any further questions, you are welcome to have a look at the FAQ and to contact  support (
Karlsruhe, Mai 2018

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